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The tradition behind what is now the Marilake Winery began in the basement of two Italian immigrants who came to America from Sicily. The great grandfather and great uncle of the current winemakers, John and Kenny Marino, began making wine in their basement in the 1920’s. As immigrants who had very little money, they had to become creative and began cultivating wine from anything they could find in their home gardens. They brought their knowledge from the Old Country and created a lasting hobby that would be passed down through generations of the Marino family.    

This tradition has passed through a family of brothers, who picked up the hobby of making wine in their basements and garages in the late 1980’s. Wanting to keep the tradition of the Old Country, they made their wine through old world racking by destemming and crushing the grapes by hand, moving the wine from vessel to vessel and leaving the wine unfiltered to build up the clarity and purity of the wine. What began as a hobby, became a passion for Kenny and John.  They began to expand their knowledge and started researching the science that goes along with making fine wines. As craftsmen by trade, they excel in precision and perfectionism, and over the years these traits translated into the quality of their wines. 

After refurbishing an old wine press in the late 1990's, they were already gifting several bottles a year to friends and family. The brothers began bringing friends together for “wine cellar parties” that were filled with guitar playing, singing, and laughter. 

The mood, environment and lasting memories that were created during the early days are what drove John and Kenny’s passion to create a space where they could open their doors and continue to share their wine.       

The current location of Marilake Winery was remodeled by John and Kenny in 2014. There is a restaurant space where patrons can relax, listen to music and enjoy a glass of wine and great food. Beneath the restaurant, sits the winery, which can now produce approximately 1,000 cases of wine per year. 

The wine is made by continuing the tradition of the Old-World way of racking, bottling and labeling wine by hand, in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms. We offer red wines that are tapped directly from barrels, and customers can sample all the varieties of wine Marilake Winery has in house.       

The winery and restaurant were envisioned and crafted by John and Kenny, along with a small group of family and friends who continue to make the wine.  John, Kenny and their families hope that you enjoy their wine, the intimate environment of the restaurant and feel the pride they have for a family tradition that began almost a century ago.  

In March 2020, the restaurant will re-open as Stein's Restaurant at Marilake Winery.  The Marino Family is pleased that Chef Bruce Stein will be leasing the restaurant and continue the tradition of great food pared with Marilake wines!

“All of our winemaking efforts go toward

extracting and expressing the quality and

unique flavor of the vineyard.”

The Marino Family


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Marilake Winery, LLC
209 Main Street |  Childs, PA 18407 | 570.281.6299